This page is dedicated to aspiring teachers who want to pass the LET -Licensing examination for teachers.

The LET is a requirement to teach in the Philippines, government schools and most private schools require applicants to be a Licensed Professional Teacher first.

Here are some of my personal tips:

1. First, it is advisable to get the services of a review center. The review centers usually take time to update their lessons every year to be updated.
2. Buy review books from bookstores to compare the items that may have been missed during the review.
3. Make sure to study six months before the scheduled LET examination…Do not cram:-(
4. Dedicate at least minimum of two hours a day to review.
5. Attend review sessions for final mock review from review centers.
6. Two weeks before the examination, take a leave and self review for one week.
7. During the week of the scheduled LET exam, do not review and take time to unwind and relax 🙂
8. Check your school of examination and room number. Do not forget to print it…..
9. And above all, pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you as you take the examination.

How to apply to take the LET Exam


1. Original NSO Birth certificate and Original NSO Marriage Certificate.
2. Original TOR, ask your school’s registrar to indicate “For the purpose of taking the LET examination”. A certification of detailing the description of your subjects is required to those who took the 36 units Teaching Certification Program (TCP), signed by the registrar.
3.Three passport size pictures with white background and complete name tag (exact name that appears in your birth certificate).
4.Community Tax Receipt(computerized)
5. Metered documentary Stamp (available at PRC)
6. Mailing envelope -one piece
7. Go to PRC to pay for the fess and claim the notice of admission.

Pointers to follow…..:-)

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